About Us

in 2001, our company was founded and named solidus for one very important reason, solidus is latin for solid. from day one, our intention has been to build a company that will be a reliable and stable organization for all who come to rely on us; customers, partners, employees and candidates.

We strive to fulfill our mission statement at every level

Solidus is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our employees, partners and customers by bringing together talented people and advanced technology to create reliable solutions for critical matters of national consequence.

Having worked in the government contracting industry for years, we found many engineers were unhappy with how they were being treated or how their companies did business. People can be easily distracted from the project at hand by the headaches that come from working for a company that doesn't always have their best interests in mind.

We decided it was time to EXPECT MORE. We knew we could build an organization employees could commit to and customers could rely on. We had a couple of simple ideas and have built our company's culture around them;

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Be a team player
  • Be open and responsive to suggestions and feedback
  • Always follow through
  • Provide employees with a full compliment of reliable benefits
  • Take care of the people and the business will take care of itself

Today, Solidus is a flourishing small business with dedicated employees, successful partnerships and satisfied customers. We provide our employees with a personal, family-like atmosphere in which they feel truly valued and become personally invested. Solidus stands behind each of its employees because people are the foundation on which Solidus is built.

Our customers and business partners have seen the benefits this culture creates; a company of highly skilled people who are dedicated to getting the job done through quick ramp-ups, technical acumen, teamwork and budget conscious on-time delivery.

Our culture fosters an environment of "can-do" people who enable our customers to deliver on their contracts and to their stakeholders.