Careers With Us

our philosophy has always been that respect for people results in success for all. we are fortunate to have a dedicated staff of technologists who believe in this philosophy and work hard to help us achieve it.


Solidus is proud to offer each of our employees an excellent benefits package they can count on.

Paid Time Off

Solidus encourages its employees to enjoy life with their friends and family. Solidus believes our employees can manage their time off rather than dictating the number and type of days off they are able to take. We provide Paid Time Off (PTO), which includes holidays, vacation, and sick time and allow our employees to manage the use of that time.

The amount of PTO available to each employee is based on an individual’s years of industry experience (not just experience with Solidus.) All holidays are considered "floating holidays" to be taken in conjunction with the client-company’s holidays.

Retirement Fund

A Safe Harbor 401(k) retirement plan is provided to all employees to which Solidus contributes regardless of employee contributions. This type of plan was selected because we recognize the importance of retirement planning and believe a company should invest in their employee's future regardless of their ability to contribute.


All overtime must be authorized in writing by the client prior to the hours being worked. If authorized and billable, then those hours billed in a contract year in excess of standard yearly hours (2080 hours, less PTO), are paid on a straight time basis.

529 Plan

Solidus offers a 529 Plan for all employees to automatically contribute federal income tax-free funds from their paycheck for use on qualified education expenses like tuition and cost of books, etc.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

All Full time employees who are regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 25 hours per week are eligible to automatically contribute federal income tax-free funds to an FSA for use on qualified healthcare or dependent care expenses.

Health Insurance

Tufts Healthcare is available to all employees, at no monthly cost. Individuals may go online to find their doctor’s affiliation with Tufts.
Employees may elect to have Vision Care and Dental Care with a nominal percentage contribution to the premium.

Life Insurance and AD&D

The basic Life/AD&D Insurance benefit is equal to the employee’s annual salary with a maximum benefit of $150,000.00. At no time will the total benefit exceed an employee’s annual salary. Full time employment is required.

Short Term and Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability Insurance is provided at 60% of ones weekly salary, with a maximum weekly benefit of $1,500.00. Long Term Disability has a 90 day Elimination Period after which benefits are provided at 60% of ones weekly salary with a maximum benefit of $7,500.00 monthly.

Solidus Technical Solutions reserves the right to withdraw and/or modify the benefits it offers to its employees at any time.