Partnering With Us

our strategic focus lies in building long term, successful relationships with commercial businesses, small and large government prime contractors and ffrdcs to provide reliable staff augmentation services.

Our Culture

At Solidus, our culture is our compass for growth. Our culture focuses on developing sustainable and successful relationships with employees, partners and their customers.

We strive to fulfill our mission statement at every level.

Solidus is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our employees, partners and customers by bringing together talented people and advanced technology to create reliable solutions for critical matters of national consequence.

For over a decade our growth has been steady and carefully considered to keep our commitment to our employees, all of whom have made a conscious choice to join Solidus because of our employee-centric culture and our focus on integrity. With an average 94% retention rate, we continue to validate our culture and provide one of the most robust sets of fully covered insurance benefits in our industry.

Our culture extends to our relationships with our partners. Solidus serves our partners in a collaborative, communication-driven and mission focused approach. We listen to and anticipate their needs to satisfy their customers, meet project requirements, and realize financial success. When we join a team, we proactively invest in ongoing recruiting for bringing the most qualified and mature professionals to the project team, often before the proposal is submitted. Companies look to us for exceptional experts who perform in complex and changing program environments with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence.