Partnering With Us

our strategic focus lies in building long term, successful relationships with commercial businesses, small and large government prime contractors and ffrdcs to provide reliable staff augmentation services.

We Strive to Fulfill our Mission Statement at Every Level.

Solidus is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our employees, partners and customers by bringing together talented people and advanced technology to create reliable solutions for critical matters of national consequence.

Our flexibility and personal responsiveness enable us to effectively support our partners and their customers by providing individual contributors, subject matter experts and long-term contractors in the areas of Cyber Capabilities, Space Programs, Communications & Electronics and Missile Defense.

We partner with our customers as a Preferred Provider for Individual Contributors and Subject Matter Experts, as a Sub-Contractor on Government Acquisition Programs and IDIQ Contract Vehicles, and as a Transition Partner for Retiring Valued Contributors.

Our partners tell us our professionals are highly valued because of their sophistication and experience in critical applications across the DoD and Intelligence Agencies. Solidus has a notable history of successful past performance in a wide range of applications. Many of our engineers are working in innovative and cutting edge environments to support strategic outcomes. They bring experience with the operating environments, legacy systems, emerging technologies and solutions, and customer needs across these applications. The programs and missions we support are complex and often customized for use across multiple agencies.